Mastering Habits: Creating Lasting Change

Mastering Habits: Creating Lasting Change

with Mohammad Hasan


Behind all things we do in our life are habits. People may engage in bad habits; such as procrastinating, overeating, and binge entertainment. Likewise, people may develop good habits; such as waking up early, exercising, and reading. Leaders who develop a positive lifestyle and impact the world constantly focus on eliminating unhealthy habits and creating empowering ones. However, one  cannot simply hope to develop these habits. There are tactics to the science of habit-building. Discover the patterns of destructive habits and create empowering habits that last a lifetime. During this workshop, future leaders will have a chance to:

  • Identify destructive patterns.

  • Uncover the process of their routine.

  • Develop motivation to eliminate bad habits.

  • Understand what we do and why we do it.